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Welcome to Santikos Collection, a family – owned and operated group
of luxury hotels and resorts in Greece.


Founded by Nikos Santikos, Santikos Collection aims to create a memorable journey and precious experiences to our valued guests.

Our journey includes breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea at Aegean Suites Hotel, and the charming, traditional architecture of Marpunta Resort on Alonissos island. The adventure continues with the refreshing breath and view of the Santikos Mansion at the mountain of Pelion, to the modern design of the Twinn Hotel and the comfort stay at the Alex Hotel, both placed at the historical Greek port of Piraeus.

Our collection of properties offers a range of luxurious accommodations to suit every taste and occasion.



A genuine and reliable personality with emphasis on work ethic is what we look for in our team members.


We believe that qualified people in cooperation could bring memorable experiences to our guests.


In Santikos Collection international team we recognize and appreciate the unique differences among individuals.

Social responsibility

Santikos Collection, as a hospitality company, is committed to respecting and prioritizing the human wellbeing of both its valued guests and personnel.


Eleni Christopoulou - photo

Eleni Christopoulou

Head Waitress

My journey within the Santikos Collection group over the past two years has been a period of significant personal and professional growth. From the moment I entered this work environment, I was welcomed into a community that values creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Over the past two years, I have worked as a First Waitress in an à la carte restaurant, as well as a private waitress at the Gazebo (cabana) on the beach, situated within one of the six hotels owned by the group, namely the Princess Hotel in Skiathos. This year, the group has afforded me the opportunity to further develop through the Young Managers in Training program. Through this program, I am being trained at the group’s headquarters and learning about each department individually. I am thrilled to be building and enhancing my knowledge through this program!

Zois Kontoleon - photo

Zois Kontoleon

Front Office Agent

2023 was my first ever year working at a Hotel Association. Being just a College graduate with experience just from my Family owned room rentals,I was trying to find a seasonal job to learn the bigger picture of the Hotel Industry first hand. That’s when I found Santikos Collection, a Family owned Business that appreciated me for my qualities, listened to my ideas and provided me with knowledge. I was eager to learn and they were eager to show me the right way.

In 2024 Santikos Collection offered me to work at the headquarters of the association as a trainee at a program named Young Managers in Training, where we learn all the departments of a Hotel and focus on the one that we have more passion for.

Despite the numerous arguments I had with my father regarding this choice, the outcome proved to be worthwhile.

Kleintis Filai - photo

Kleintis Filai

Head Bartender

I started my career with Santikos Collection back in 2021 as an assistant waiter at the buffet. Over the course of 3 years, this company has helped me grow both in my professional career and also has made me a better person in many aspects.

I began my career without any knowledge in hospitality whatsoever, but working in many of the hotels of Santikos Collection such as Princess Resort Skiathos, The Alex Monte Castella, and Aegean Suites Skiathos, I learned many new skills that helped me progress significantly in the hospitality industry for my age.

First of all, I began my journey as an assistant waiter, and with the help of many professionals working alongside me, I grew to become a Head Waiter for the Ammos Restaurant. I learned how to pair wines with different dishes and palates, I learned how to debone fish of different sizes, and last but not least, I honed my communication skills with the guests and other professionals in the company.

After that, I gained interest in the bar, so I talked with some people in the Santikos Collection, and they patiently helped me and taught me how to become a professional bartender and barista. And now, I work as a Head Bartender for Princess Resort Skiathos. I intend to keep working for Santikos Collection for the years to come and continue growing not only in the profession but also within the company.


Santikos Collection, a prestigious company, known for its luxury hotels and resorts,
emphasizes on the idea of “our people are our signature”.

Considering the continuous growth of our properties we position our team as central in our guests’ experience.

Providing the appropriate training and a challenging work environment we aim
to engage in personal and professional development of our team members.

Always ready to reach our full – potential:

Shall you join us?