Miracle Face Therapy


You have heard that invasive aesthetic uses injections to freeze wrinkles. It is
time to hear about the latest «miracle» of Cosmetology, which “erases”
wrinkles of expression without the use of a lancet or a surgical intervention
and manages to restore skin firmness with proven effectiveness. The therapy is
based on the EFFECTOX ™ technology that inhibits the mechanism that is
responsible for the creation of expression lines and wrinkles. But there’s more:
it also offers protection from the main types of aging (biological aging,

35 min – 60 euro

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Opsis Eye Therapy


Opsis Therapy is a specific eye contour therapy that deters the appearance of
wrinkles and black circles. At the same time, it combats swellings and
dehydration, by activating and reinforcing the natural function of cells in the
sensitive eye contour area. The gaze gains depth and charm, reflecting your
mood for life. Opsis Therapy is based on the high-end technology of

50 min- 55 euro

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Chronos Therapy


You have heard about injectable implants using pharmaceutical substances
for rejuvenation and wrinkle filling. It is time to hear about the latest
Cosmetology breakthroughs, for preventing and repairing the ravages of
time, without using any injection. CHRONOS THERAPY acts as aprotective
shield of the skin, against three very severe enemies: the lack of water, the
biological aging and the oxidative deterioration caused by the environment.
4D technology is a four-dimensional combat of ageing, using four action
system (Peeling system, Hydra system, Antiaging system, Antioxidant system)

90 min – 80 euro

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